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This partnership provides ACA WA members the opportunity to register their service with the Guild’s Corporate Health Influenza Vaccination Program to offer your team a flexible, easy flu vaccination service, utilising the vast network of Guild member community pharmacies across Australia.

The Guild Corporate Health approach is designed to maximise the number of employees vaccinated by offering a flexible approach for maximum uptake, while also supporting local small businesses.

Upon registration, your team can book their vaccination appointment at a time and location that best suits their needs, via a dedicated booking site.

Guild Corporate Health will provide regular reports to keep you up to date with uptake levels and invoicing. You will also be assigned a dedicated project manager.

To register your service or obtain more information, please contact Johann Cramer from Guild Corporate Health on 02 6270 1868 or

29 March 2021

Guild Corporate Health are proud to announce our new partnership with Australian Childcare Alliance WA (ACA)

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